Martial Arts for Peace

Our Working Areas


Workshops Capacity Development Martial Arts Self Defense Women Empowerment Child Protection

Our Workshops aim to strengthen the capacities of our martial arts instructors´ network.  Workshops address martial arts and combat sports specific themes but more importantly include sessions on how to use martial arts and combat sports as an effective educational approach to teach young people the values and life skills needed to build a culture of peace and non-violence.

Martial Arts and Life Skills Camps

martial arts taekwondo karate capoeira boxing Muay Thai Camping Youth Empowerment Child Development

Our Martial Arts and Life Skills Camps invite martial arts instructors from both refugee and host communities and their students to learn and personally grow through exchange beyond their own disciplines; to expand their knowledge about philosophies and core values of martial arts, and to spend quality time together around a shared passion for martial arts and combat sports. 

Chess Boxing


Chess Boxing combines physical strength and mental ability. Fighting in alternating rounds of boxing and chess requires rapid switching between physical, adrenaline-producing activities, and intense cognitive tasks. Players enhance their problem solving skills, as they must anticipate their opponents moves in the ring, as well as on the chess board. The combination sport is ideal for training in emotion regulation. 

Inclusive Martial Arts

disability sport special ability martial arts empowerment

Inclusive Martial Arts aims to promote inclusion and better access to martial arts for people with disabilities. When it comes to being physically active or practising martial arts, people with disabilities are often marginalised, excluded or even discriminated against; not only do they have to break barriers in society, but often also in their own minds. The great variety of martial arts makes them particularly useful for persons with disabilities.  

Women´s Self-Defense


Our Women´s Self-Defense courses teach highly effective physical tactics that are easy to learn and don´t require any prior experience in martial arts. Women are equipped with a toolbox of strategies for avoiding and interrupting assault and gender-based violence. Participants are empowered to choose the options that are appropriate for their own situation.