Martial Arts for Peace

We are a non-governmental non-profit organisation committed to translate core values from martial arts philosophy and Olympic values-based education to everyday life situations of children and young people. By combining the practice of martial arts with educational programs and youth work we aim to build self-confident resilient individuals and communities and a culture of peace and non-violence.

Meet the Founders

Jasmin Dirinpur


Founder and Executive Director

Ömer Tıbık


Coordinator Turkey Programme 

Natalia Grybos


Coordinator Germany Programme 

Martin Minarik


Research & Asia Partnerships

Meet the Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhn

Sevda Akgün

Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund

Oliver Dreber

HARA-DO Institut für Kampf und Kommunikation

Our Partners

Chess Boxing Satranç Boks
Ju Jitsu
Mıxed Martial Arts Karişik Dövüs Sanatları